About Us

MADI Donations, Inc is the 501c3 subsidiary of MADI Apparel, LLC.  MADI Apparel (our for-profit entity est. in 2012) was founded by Hayley Besheer after a close family revealed that she was once a victim of domestic violence and additionally learning that underwear was on the most urgent needs list at most shelters across the country (click here to read full story). 

MADI Donations, Inc. (est. July 2015) was formed to carry out the charitable intentions of MADI Apparel and other charitably minded people across the world.  MADI Donations is organized exclusively for charitable religious and/or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code including, but without limitation, the provision of underwear to women in need.  

FAQs :

How does the "Buy One Give One" process work from beginning to end? : For every purchase of underwear from MADI Apparel, MADI Apparel will automatically donate one pair of underwear to MADI Donations, INC.  MADI Donations will then distribute the donation pairs to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, etc.  When purchased, the total upfront cost is born by MADI Apparel because the retail sales are the income-producing activity of MADI Apparel and the transactions originate with MADI Apparel.  MADI Donations, Inc will pay the purchase cost of the donation pairs with charitable cash donations we hope to receive.  MADI Donations will also use cash contributions to help pay for other operating costs. 

If MADI Apparel can exist and operate solely as a for-profit entity, why did we form our non-profit subsidiary, MADI Donations? :  We have many supporters who don’t want to buy underwear for themselves, but truly want to support women in need. So we set up a charitable organization to receive direct donations.  We’ve had wonderful supporters since we started MADI Apparel.  Our new addition of our 501C3, MADI Donations, gives friends a way to give donations tax free and feel connected to the cause.

How do we hope women in need will gain from MADI Donations? : We strive to assist women - particularly but not limited to - recovering from domestic abuse, recovering from rape, affected by homeless and natural disasters on a national and global scale.  Our foundation sees this as "making a difference” - hence the meaning behind MADI (Make a Difference Intimates.)  We strive for our line of intimate apparel to be known as the comfiest intimates in the world with our soft, luxury fabrics and clean patterns that women may find comfort and confidence in.  Not only will women making the underwear purchase feel great, but we designed them with the women receiving the donations as the top priority.

How do underwear donations (as opposed to other donated garments) help women in need? :  Underwear is the most needed, under-donated item of clothing.  This garment in particular is not only a basic need that must be met for sanitary reasons, but it's a woman's most intimate article of clothing.  It's not just underwear, it's dignity.  And our goal is for no woman to go without (unless they choose to :).)